Monday, April 21, 2008


The Cincinnati Ropin' Rockets have finally seen JUMP! Great to hear so much laughter in the theater! And what a trip to see how much the team has grown. Stewart -- who appears just a little bit in the film but will be seen more in the "extras" -- is now taller than me. The skill level of the young jumpers on the Ropin' Rockets is incredible and a testament to Coach Emerson's dedication. We wish their coed team great success at the upcoming world championship in South Africa.

Two local teams -- the Jumpin' Jaguars from Bowling Green, Kentucky and the Hot Shots from Franklin, Tennessee -- also came out to do live jump rope performances.

Festival highlights: seeing Al Gore, brunch at the Pancake Pantry (yum to their sweet potato pancakes) and a Passover breakfast at Nashville's Noshville Deli with Tom Miller, director of the award-winning doc One Bad Cat: The Reverend Albert Wagner Story.

Top left to bottom right: Stewart, Katherine & Alyssa of the Cincinnati Ropin' Rockets perform at the Regal Cinemas in Nashville; Filmmakers Tom Miller & Scott B. Morgan; Jumpin' Jaguars meet Al Gore; Gigantic sculpture of Athena, Godess of Wisdom, at Nashville's full-scale replica of the ancient Parthenon; great signage continues.


Anonymous said...

Thank you again! I am soooooo glad our team came down to Nashville. I love the film - you have done an excellent job of capturing everything about jump rope - I just can't explain to my friends why I keep doing it! My husband who gets really sick of jump rope - LOVED IT- he keeps talking about how Tori just tore his heart up! It was really fun eating with you and Scott. It was a great weekend. I am going to check the web site and see exactly when the Indianapolis showing is!

Oh yeah! during the film, I laughed, I cried, I sighed, - Oh brother - this is why I can't give it up! Thanks again!

-- Coach Chris Emerson
Cincinnati Ropin' Rockets

Anonymous said...

Susan McDermott
Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...

I noticed that at least two of the teams featured in the movie expressed faith in God and were shown praying. I was pleased to see that that part of their life was documented in the film.

I applaud the way you included the student's faith in your film and did not cut it due to criticism of others. For my money, a documentary film that includes that much honesty about the subject is very appealing.

The jumper's were compelling individuals with interesting stories. The expression of their faith appeared genuine and not contrived. As you mentioned, their compassion, dedication, and perseverance may be a reflection of the relationship they enjoy with God. And the beauty of their lives may well be a reflection of His beauty.

Anyway, you told their story, and I enjoyed hearing and seeing it. I personally enjoy a relationship with God and was encouraged to see others living out their faith in the course of their lives, even while "simply" jumping rope.


Charles Marable
Father of a jumper in Franklin, TN