Monday, April 28, 2008

award win @ RiverRun

JUMP! won the Audience Award at the RiverRun International Film Festival!

Click here to see a list of the other winning films.

Nick flips with turners Tyler & Brittany of Impact Tri-Force of Cary, North Carolina.
Photo courtesy of Julie and Lauren Warzecho of the Cary YMCA Super Skippers


dsearls said...

Congrats on the win(s)!

As promised, here's my blog post promoting the movie, and the Forbes Flyers as well.

We'll be following your progress, and the sport's as well.



Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and have the opportunity to see "JUMP!" plus meet some of the "stars." It is a wonderful, and inspiring film and I am so excited to hear that you won the audience award. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! You deserve it. Don't you just love NC?? Oh, and the screening on Sat, how neat that must have been. It sounds like Winston Salem was well worth the trip. Ya'll come back soon now you hear!

Take care,

South Carolina