Wednesday, January 2, 2008

JUMP! soundtrack now available

We are excited to announce that the JUMP! soundtrack is now available as a secure digital download from our website. It includes original music by award-winning composer Mateo Messina (who also did the music for the hit film JUNO) plus 13 of the film's upbeat and eclectic songs selected by renown DJ and arbiter of cool, Garth Trinidad. In total, 15 awesome songs.

Groove, chill, be inspired...and help us pay off our deep debt from making this movie. We could certainly use your help!

You can buy the soundtrack for $10 here. Half of the money will assist us in paying off our mounting credit card bills from this indie doc and half goes directly to the artists. Treat yourself and support our efforts!

This soundtrack sale is a fundraiser and will help us to share the film with more people. Please don't rip & burn multiple copies. Encourage others to buy a copy and support independent artists!

If you want to make an additional tax deductable donation or if you have any questions about the soundtrack, please e-mail

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