Monday, December 17, 2007

Alaska Film Fest

The Anchorage International Film Festival -- held annually in mid-December -- bills itself as "Films Worth Freezing For" but man, what a warm audience of belly-laughers. And, after the Q&A, when we asked if any kids wanted to come on stage to jump, about 30 kids were up there within 5 seconds.

The Juneau Jumpers journeyed to meet up with us -- they performed after the screening and also hosted an awesome free, public jump rope workshop the following day. It looked like they got some kids hooked on starting new teams--we see fantastic potential. They were also interviewed for a feature story on Alaska Public Radio (link soon) -- hopefully Isabella got props for her Guinness World Record of 151,036 jumps in 24 hrs!

All in all, an amazing trip -- euphoriant landscapes, fantastic food, adventure, great people, games. Can't wait to return...hopefully to make another documentary.

Lt top to Rt bottom: Glaciers • LA->AL posse • Juneau Jumpers workshop • Juneau Jumpers interviewed for Alaska Public Radio • tragic News headline • JUMP! Co-filmmaker/editor Scott with Miss Teen Alaska Courtney Carroll • Reindeer

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