Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on jumpers in the movie

The 2008 USA National Championship took place last weekend. Congratulations to all the jumpers who qualified!

Here is a partial list of the 1st place trophies won by kids featured in the movie JUMP!:

  • TORI (West Virginia) - Female Single Rope Freestyle, 1-Minute Speed, 3-Minute Speed, Triples
  • NICK, JEFF, KATRINA and their team (Texas) - Large Team Show
    (note: this was the first time these guys competed in this event!)
  • SHANE (Idaho) - Male Single Rope Freestyle
  • LEE, SHANE and Bryan (Idaho) - Double Dutch Singles Freestyle
  • LEE and his new all-male Worlds Team - Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle
  • STYLE, JAZ and Shakinah - Double Dutch Singles Speed Relay

For a full list of competition results, visit

Good luck to Team USA at Worlds in South Africa next month!

Other updates:
  • For more on all the jumpers, scan entries below. And definitely see this entry about Tori.
  • Special congratulations to Kelsy (Idaho), who just got married! Coach Hay recently retired from her job as a PE teacher at Summerwind Elementary School; Kelsy, who earned her degree in Phys Ed, was hired to fill her shoes.


Anonymous said...

Hey for Nick and Jeff, that was 1st place for Large Group Team show and it was with Katrina also.

JUMP! blog said...

thanks for the correction notice. i've fixed this now!