Saturday, March 8, 2008

Review in "Cleveland Plain Dealer" newspaper

Headline: Athletes in Cleveland International Film Festival's 'JUMP!' leap with dedication
Clint O'Connor, Plain Dealer Film Critic

"JUMP!" is a fun, fast-paced documentary that proves jump-ropers are amazing, dedicated athletes.

Director Helen Hood Scheer follows several jump teams, including two from Cincinnati, as they compete in the regional, national and world championships.

A rope is about as low-tech as you can get in terms of sports supplies, so the evolution of the competitions depends on the creativity of the twisting-twirling jumpers, hindered only by the limits of their hand-eye and feet capabilities. [story continues]

(See full article here. The print version includes a photo of the Summerwind Skippers.)


Danny Parker said...

Jump was really good. I went with my school. I didn't know it was that competitive. Great job truly showing the sport.

Team Batman said...


were getting our team ready to bring the competition to the next level. we will see u in Africa.