Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Heart Chicago

Chicago must be one of the friendliest cities and there's soo much to do! We wish we could have had more time to explore the different neighborhoods, eat eat eat and see other films in the festival -- especially America the Beautiful and Iska's Journey.

Cincinnati's West End YMCA Rope Twisters (featured in the doc) and the Heartbeats from the Cleveland area, trekked to Chi for our weekend screenings and a free interactive jump rope demo in the fabulous Millennium Park. It was awesome to see how much West End's freestyle improved and also to see these two teams work together to teach others to jump. It's still a little scary and totally exciting for me to watch the film with jumpers who haven't seen it before. They all went crazy with enthusiasm when they saw themselves on the big screen. Whew.

Another festival highlight was an impromptu party at Roger Ebert's home, where he & his wife got many of the guests to sing standards with a piano player.

West End YMCA Rope Twisters + Heartbeats

hicago Int'l Film Fest programmer Philip Bajorat shows his stuff • Robby & Jaz teach munchin

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